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photo n.bitmead


Elmar will be coaching the BFH Certificate of Advanced Studies students during their 2.5 day, off-site Creative Workshop. Enjoy!

On 17.06 it's the Swiss Medtech Day in Bern. Marcel will be presenting "Innovation - the Art of Ignoring Barriers"

Elmar is a keynote at DuPont's Food Security event at the Milan Expo on Thursday. Looking forward to the other talks!

Congratulations Biel/Bienne on being awarded 1 of 3 Innovation Parks for Switzerland. So pleased to be a part of it!

The Swiss Economic Forum 2015 starts today. We're very proud of Mario Tronza's design for the #SEF2015 award!


We are a team of innovative experts from a variety of different fields. Together, we create new possibilities and work hard to transform them into profitable advantages for our clients and for ourselves. We help our clients innovate.