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photo a.hirniak


Today we'll be leading a series of small innovation workshops with our client's top 80 managers. Really excited to see the output!!

Heute Abend im Einstein aus SRF ein Beitrag zum SolarDecathlon in Versailles, wo auch wieder eine Joulia beim Team Switzerland verbaut wurde

Wonderful summer team event in Murten! Fabulous dinner followed by a great play "1476" Even the weather was super :)

Innocampus Biel-Bienne is opening it's doors today! Proud to be part of this platform for application-oriented R&D

A very warm welcome Sylvie Andre, strengthening our marketing team, and Senada Elmazi-Zraly, supplementing reception, to the Crea team!!


We are a team of innovative experts from a variety of different fields. Together, we create new possibilities and work hard to transform them into profitable advantages for our clients and for ourselves. We help our clients innovate.