Hauert HBG Dünger AG


Hauert have been producing plant fertilizer for more than 300 years: the company was founded back in 1663 in Grossaffoltern, Switzerland, where their headquarters and main production facilities are still located.

Today, Hauert is the leading producer of gardening fertilizer in Switzerland and also sells organic and mineral-organic fertilizers internationally. With just over 100 employees in Switzerland and in Germany, the family-owned company produces over 25,000 tons of high-quality fertilizer each year.


Liquid fertilizers are an important part of the Hauert product range. However, these high-end products are mainly sold directly to consumers via gardening stores, where Hauert is in direct competition with large international brands. Therefore, an eye-catching package is extremely important in order to attract the customer’s attention.


Hauert approached Creaholic with the challenge to design and create a dosing system, which resolves the actual spilling issue of today’s fertilizers on the market when dispensed in water. In addition, it should be a visually appealing and distinctive package family for their range of liquid fertilizers.


The scope of the project already implied that the distinctive functional element should be an integrated, easy-to-use dosing system. In close collaboration, Hauert and Creaholic searched for suitable solutions and continuously elaborated the best ideas regarding both technical and aesthetic design aspects. Within a few months of brainstorming, sketching, designing and rendering, but also building quick samples and rapid prototyping models, a new dosing chamber system was created to replace the traditional measuring cap.


Now, with its clean, modern shape, the new package not only catches the customer’s eye in the store, but its dosing chamber cap also allows the user to dose the fertilizer quickly and cleanly. Today the dosing cap is completely produced by a local manufacturer in three different sizes.