Swisscom, a major telecom provider in Switzerland, has encouraged and nurtured a Human Centred Design approach within the organisation. The remit of the HCD team is to work with the various departments, within Swisscom, to help generate ideas and to implement new solutions that will benefit the organisation, as well as meet the needs of the users.

Having seen the Creaholic Gas Phase Tool Kit, Swisscom’s Human Centred Design team approached us and asked if we could help them to streamline their own tools and processes.


As the HCD team developed and expanded, they adopted and generated a diverse set of methods, tools and processes. However after playing a significant role in a number of successful implementations, the importance of Human Centred Design became more widely recognised within the organisation. As a result, it was necessary to articulate, visualise and communicate the methods, tools and processes, so that these could be easily shared among all staff within Swisscom. However, as with any busy team in a large organisation, it was difficult to find the time and opportunity to organise and rationalise this diverse content into an easy to communicate, self-contained manual.


We identified three principal project objectives:

1. To review current HCD content at Swisscom (methods, tools, processes etc.) and to understand and explore its usage with the aim of streamlining it into a simple framework that is easy to use.
For example: Are tools and methods generic enough to be applied both internally and externally? Currently, what methods / tools work well? Which tools don’t really get used? Why is this? What other practices do people have that might be developed into a more explicit HCD tool? Who will use the toolkit? How will it be used? As a training tool? For inspiration? For reference or learning?
2. To identify the opportunity areas for any new methods / tools and to articulate and document them.
3. To create and prototype a HCD ‘toolkit’ (structure and supporting materials) - to be used by all staff as an aid in the practices of HCD. This ‘toolkit’ will include the tools and practices currently used by Swisscom as well as potentially some additional techniques and methods as needed.


Our primary roles in the project were as a moderator and editor. Swisscom’s HCD team had a large collection of tools and methods, at Creaholic we also had our own collection of tools and methods. We therefore moderated a series of workshops in which we worked with the HCD team to:
• Achieve consensus on the core audience and purpose for the HCD toolkit.
• Define the Human Centred Design Process at Swisscom.
• Identify which existing tools and methods best enabled the above process for the prescribed audience.
• Identify the parts of the process that needed new tools.
• Create an organisational framework in order to separate the process into three self-contained activities ‘Hear’, ‘Create’ and ‘Deliver’.
• Simplify the tools and methods into three easily understood guidelines, ‘When to use it’, ‘Why use it’ and ‘How to use it’.
• Help the Swisscom design team with some initial art direction.