news • Invention Morning 16.11.2018 | Inventing by Combining

Join us and get inspired at our Invention Morning

We at Creaholic are excited to announce the upcoming «Invention Morning» on November 16th, 2018. This time on the topic «Inventing by Combining». Learn more about the event here.

What can you expect?

Together we will be exploring unconventional combination, be discussing how adoption of different points of view lets us reframe our problems und how this opens the doors to genuinely new solutions and approaches. Additionally, we will be asking ourself, what measures can I take to actively expose myself to new ideas, different ways of thinking and other perspectives and how this will lead me and my team to generate better ideas and solutions. As guest speaker we invited Dr. Patrik Künzler. Driven by curiosity Patrik ventured into various fields, ranging from medicine to the automobile industry. By fusing these different perspectives Patrik created a chair that transforms sitting into a positive, healthy and functional experience.

Find all details here:
Inventing by Combining

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