Company culture

We’ve made invention a team sport. This requires a company culture that respects the contradictory attributes required for successful long-term innovation: knowledge, skill and discipline but also spontaneity, rule-breaking and divergence.

Inspiration requires cross-fertilization of ideas from different disciplines, and that’s only possible if our people maintain their curiosity, broad knowledge and willingness to pursue unexpected insights wherever they lead.

This culture has sustained hundreds of successful projects for clients, as well as pro-active development projects (so-called 'incubation projects') that have led to a half-dozen spin-off companies.

Creaholic was founded in 1986 by an inventor: Elmar Mock, one of the team that developed the revolutionary Swatch. Since then we‘ve been accumulating knowledge, experience and people. In March 2017 Creaholic welcomed part of Swisscom‘s Human Centred Design (HCD) team, forming a new, larger Creaholic with a significantly expanded skill set.

Creaholic Culture


Marcel Aeschlimann
Martin "Tinu" Anders
Philipp Bernhard
Naomi Bitmead
Carole Chapelat
Daniela Christen
Richard-Emmanuel Eastes
Stephan Engl
Alexander Faga
Christoph Frei
Nicole Friedli-Amtenbrink
Jean-Claude Frély
Emilie Gueissaz
Angela Haas
Karin Hilzinger
Andrew Hirniak
Antoine Hirschi
Sabine Hug
Roman Hungerbuehler
Kilian Iannucci
Hans-Peter Iseli
Bertrand Jaccoud
Nadine Jost
Michael Karsch
Amrei Kellner
André Klopfenstein
Steve Knuchel
Alexandra Krause
Tonino Lanci
Katja Leu
Franziska Maeder
Samuel Malzach
Markus Mast
Kiflay Mengestabe
Béatrice Merlach
Hannes Merz
Elmar Mock
Aymeric Niederhauser
Corinne Ogbeide
Thomas Petrig
Nils Reisen
Petra Saegesser
Danilo Santana
Dominique Schild
Vera Schäppi
Frank Seifert
Martin Sigrist
Loïc Sottas
Nadja Studer
Silvie Süsstrunk
Christina Taylor
Laurent Torriani
Mario Tronza
Aela Vogel
Marco von Gunten
Mario Weiss
Olivier Weiss
Judith Wimmer
Hans Peter Wyss
Marianne Zumkehr



Our core mission is to be professional inventors for international clients. To accomplish that, we need a flexible, capable, multidisciplinary team: unique experts who can also work with others. We’re proud that the team we’ve assembled has the skills and experience to support our enormous range of projects.

Creaholic Skills
  • Strategists

  • Catalysts

  • Designers

  • Engineers

  • Technologists

  • Prototypers




Our team has tremendous expertise … and that includes knowing what we can’t do by ourselves. That’s why we maintain close working relationships with complementary professionals in a wide range of disciplines.

Creaholic Network

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