news • What is human centered design?

Creaholic clients will benefit hugely from this new area of expertise.

Thanks to the addition of about 25 members of staff from the Human Centered Design (HCD) department at Swisscom, Creaholic clients will benefit hugely from this new area of expertise. But what actually is human-centred design? Here we introduce the benefits and characteristics of this way of working.

Human-centered design is a working method that is intended to create products and services tailored to customers’ needs. It involves analyzing and improving existing customer experiences or developing and implementing new ideas from scratch. The key factor in achieving those goals is to put the user of a product or service—and their requirements, characteristics, and preferences—at the forefront of the development process. Human-centered design unites what makes sense from a human point of view with technical feasibility and economic viability.

Through this need-focused product and service development, HCD supports organizations as they integrate individual offerings into a holistic brand experience and forge long-lasting connections with customers. Thus, HCD pertains to change and innovation processes in all the important aspects of an organization: from product development to key performance indicators, from the training of coworkers to the design of the office, from high-level strategy to practical methods and tools for innovation.

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