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We are happy to announce our newly established partnership with Stefan Linder as our peer Creaholicer stationed in the Silicon Valley.

We are happy to announce our newly established partnership with Stefan Linder, co-founder and former CEO of the Swiss Economic Forum and a good friend of ours. As our peer Creaholicer stationed in the Silicon Valley and other hotspots around the globe, Stefan Linder will contribute trend insights and analyses from an international perspective. Our clients may benefit from this knowledge not only in common invention projects but also by means of the quarterly Invention Letter.

Continuous invention bases on global trends

In Switzerland, innovation is big: we are a country at the forefront of innovation. Yet, we believe that to invent and reinvent today, one should open their horizon to other countries, cultures and traditions.

Our new partnership with Stefan Linder reinforces us in that respect: as our peer Creaholicer moving between the Silicon Valley, Switzerland and other hotspots around the globe, he will bring in a perspective on international happenings and opportunities. We are happy to welcome Stefan as a fellow Creaholicer.

Stefan’s research on global trends and future developments will enrich our knowledge base for generating ideas and transforming them into business. In addition, we want to share some of these exciting trend insights with you in a quarterly Invention Letter.

Invention Letter: quarterly insights on trends

Having been inventing products, services and technologies for over 30 years, we realized how important it is to be in a constant dialogue with the future. We also learnt that in the daily hectic, this dialogue often gets forgotten.

We therefore decided to share our knowledge on future developments and highlight important trends to you on a regular basis – to hopefully inspire discussion and encourage an open dialogue on continual invention.

Knowing that you are very busy, we choose the format of a brief, quarterly newsletter: the Invention Letter. Each Invention Letter will touch upon a few trend insights inspired by developments around the globe.

Get in touch

We will try to make these Newsletters like a snack: quick to read and energizing. If you are interested in depth insight into a certain area, contact us for more extensive research.

Feedbacks are very welcome.

Invention Morning

You have the opportunity to get to know Stefan Linder personally at the next Invention Morning organized by Creaholic in cooperation with Swisscom on 30th January 2018 at our office in Biel. At this morning event (08:30-13:00) we will look at the Internet of Things (IoT) from a user perspective and foster a practical exchange between companies from different industries. Stefan will give an outlook on new opportunities for businesses arising with this technology. Click here to sign up for updates.

Your Creaholic Team

Christina, Mars and André

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