Portrait of Naomi Bitmead

Naomi Bitmead


Systems engineering, project leadership, project scoping & strategy, IT management and planning.

What I'm good at:

My background is in mechatronics, but I am a broad, big-picture thinker and enjoy working on systems and utilizing the interrelations of things. I’m also quite good at talking and exchanging with people, and absorbing and remembering obscure things I have read or come across :o).

What I love:

I have a strong curiosity for technology and love learning new things & relearning stuff I have forgotten. In general, I love meeting people, seeing new sights, reading everything, hearing great music, planning holidays and watching things grow.

Work-wise, I really enjoy the opportunity to work on lots of different projects in a wide variety of fields. Whether it is for a client or an internal incubation, I love the exposure to the different challenges, know-how and knowledge required, and the strategies, needs & cultures that each new project brings.