We are makers, doers and relentless prototypers. In this module, we’ll work with you and your team to develop concepts, prototypes, designs and strategies for both your customers and your business.

We are able deliver a comprehensive range of solutions and services, including: engineering, design, experiences and strategies.

See our project examples for more information:

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Sometimes a reinvented product or business solution, by itself, is not enough to future-proof your entire business. You need a change in culture.

This module is about nurturing a culture of innovation within your organisation. We can help inspire, challenge and coach you, your leadership and your teams.

Using our proven innovation culture model and tangible metrics, we support you as you become a more customer-centric and innovative organisation capable of delivering better results on the market.

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Many organisations are not designed to invent. The systems that support daily business can become hurdles when trying to develop and launch something new.

Having turned some of our own inventions into successful spin-off companies, we have accumulated invaluable experience regarding the pitfalls and hurdles of launching a start-up.

In this module we can help evaluate your ideas and provide the know-how, facilities and environment to shape them into a new venture.

Inventure projects are, of course, confidential. But you can browse through our list of spin-offs:

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For over 30 years, our approach to invention has been guided by a unique mindset. We think of the journey from idea to business in terms of the three phases of matter: gas, liquid, solid.

This mindset describes how we think, but underlying it is a human-centred process to guide how we act. Our iterative design loops ensure invention is a matter of practice, not just luck.


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